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Since 2002, Doms Driving School has been providing a quality driving school service to the western Sydney community. Our experience and value for money is second to none.


Rosa, owner and manager of Dom's Driving School began her driver training career with Trent. Under her leadership, a high level of commitment to service by a happy and enthusiastic team is maintained.


All our vehicles have dual controls, are maintained to a high-standard and are aged less than five years old. Dom’s dedicated office enables our instructors to give you their total attention and a full one hour of instruction. You can choose automatic or manual transmission and yes we have male and female instructors


Our philosophy is simple; treat each student like he or she is your own son or daughter.

Passing the driving test is not dependant on 'special knowledge' of test routes or 'good relationships' with RMS testing officers. It is about learning to drive correctly. If you can drive correctly you will easily qualify for a driving licence.


At Dom’s we take driver training seriously. Our aim is to put on the road novice drivers with the skill, confidence and attitude to take their place in the community of the road. We teach driving skills not just for the test, but for life.


Our test service - Going for your licence test with Dom’s is a stress free experience. When you are ready, we will book your test at the RMS for you. Before the test, we will take you for an hour’s drive to warm up and settle any last minute nerves. You then use the vehicle you have been trained in, for your test.

Who can go for a test - You must be at least 17 years old. If you are under 25 years old you need to have held your licence for at least 6 months.

120 hour log book - At first this seems like such a lot of hours, but this is in fact the best approach to putting safe drivers on the road. If you are starting out this is what we suggest start with a block of 10 lessons. This will start you off correctly from the word go. After these lessons, combine regular driving with your supervising driver (mum, dad, you partner) and a weekly lesson with us. When your hours are logged and its time for the test, take a short block of lessons (say five). You will then be ready to approach your driving test with confidence.

If you need to go for a driving test, some driving lessons with our instructors will familiarise you with the requirements for a NSW driving licence. You will then be able to go for your test with confidence.

Aged test - You have driven for many years. No doubt without problems and have been a fine member of the driving community. But now its time for a re-test. This can be a daunting thing. You will do well to have a lesson or two with one of our instructors. They can bring you up to date with any rule changes you have missed and help you with your driving technique. This will help settle any doubts you have about the test.

Frequently asked questions…

How many lessons will I/my son/daughter need?

This depends on how much driving the student has done prior to instruction with Dom’s and their own ability. Some people take to driving naturally and other take extra time. If you have driven before our instructors will assess your knowledge and ability, then structure a cost effective lesson plan.


If you have no previous driving experience, then this is no problem. We will start you off correctly and work out a cost effective pathway to your licence.


What car does he/she use for the test?

We provide you with a vehicle for your test. Usually it is the one you have trained in if you have had a lesson with us. All vehicles are inspected by the RMS prior to going out on the test. Our vehicles are maintained to this standard at all time.


What do you need to bring to your lesson?

For each lesson bring your log book, learners licence and the record card we provide on the first lesson. Wear comfortable shoes; bring a drink and suitable sunglasses if you need them.


Who books the P licence test with the RMS?

We will book the test for you. The cost is currently $54 payable to the RMS.


What is the cost for the licence test when I go with Dom’s?

Dom’s cost is $167. This includes pick-up from home or suitable spot, one hour lesson before the test to warm up and settle any nerves, use of the car for the test, insurance for the car and drop off to home or chosen spot afterwards. The cost for your P licence is currently $54 payable to the RMS.


1 Hour Lesson: $59

3 Lesson Package: $171

5 Lesson Package: $275

10 Lesson Package: $540

Tafe & Uni Discounts: $57 per Lesson

Please Note: Although we make every effort for consistency, Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Business owner/ Automatic Driving Instructor.

19 years experience

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